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Lawsuit Against Makers of Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella

Studies have shown that the ingredients contained in YAZ® and Yasmin® have been linked to various forms of internal organ damage, including damage to the gallbladder. These ingredients have also been shown to cause deep vein thrombosis (“DVT”).


More information about the side effects of taking Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella can be found here.

Common Injuries From Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella Use

Deep Vein Thrombosis, Blood Clots and Embolisms

Some of the most common problems associated with Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella is the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis ("DVT") or blood clots. Blood clots mostly form in the legs, pelvis or arms of women who are taking these prescriptions birth control medications. Blood clots cause severe discomfort. In many cases these blood clots become dislodged and travel through your bloodstream and into your lungs. A dislodged blog clot that moves to your lung blocks the blood flow to this area of the body and causes what is called a pulmonary embolism. DVT has also been found to lead to sudden and many time fatal heart attacks or strokes.

Gallbladder Damage

It has been determined that many women with no history of gallstones or gallbladder problems have developed gallbladder disease after taking Yaz. Symptoms of gallbladder disease or gallstones can include sharp, shooting pain in the belly as well as high fevers and vomiting. Often once a woman has been diagnosed as having gallbladder disease, doctors must surgically remove the entire organ. As with any surgery, removal of the gallbladder can lead to additional side effects.

Warnings Sent To The Makers of Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella

Recently the makers of these drugs (Yaz and Yasmin are manufactured by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Ocella is marketed and distributed by Barr Laboratories) have received the following U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") warning letters:

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Who Will Represent You If You File A Claim Against The Defective Birth Control Drug Manufacturers?

Stark & Stark's Mass Tort / Pharmaceutical Litigation Team pursues claims throughout the United States against drug manufacturers so they are held accountable when their drugs are proven to be defective or cause catastrophic injury to the people who use them.

If you believe you have experienced any negative side effects (DVT, pulmonary embolism, gallbladder damage) as a result of taking Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, contact us today and speak to one of our attorneys for free. We can help you protect your family's rights.